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HackerRank Off Campus Drive Hiring Freshers For Software Engineer Intern | Don’t apply if not available for 6 month

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About HackerRank: is a technology hiring platform that is the standard for assessing developer skills for over 2500 companies around the world. HackerRank helps companies hire skilled developers and innovate faster by enabling tech recruiters and hiring managers to objectively evaluate talent at every stage of the recruiting process.



This is a 6 month full-time internship (Jan – June 2022).
Please apply only if you’re available full-time for the entire duration.

The hypothesis: Every hacker has a category of challenges that they love, whether they are coding at their level or pushing their limits and learning something new.If you’re happily obsessed with writing great code that will be used by other great engineers around the world, read on – this just may be the perfect role for you. HackerRank is looking for high potential Hacker Interns to join our team of world-class full-time Hackers as we build the most engaged community of Developers.

Life as an intern at HackerRank

World class mentors, great culture and amazing people and opportunities to make a difference all in a real world scenario and right at the beginning of your career! If this sounds exciting, read on…

  • Each one of you will be paired with a mentor, who will support you throughout your internship.
  • You get to push your code to prod and contribute to meaningful & real-world projects right from your first month.
  • Transparent communication is the key metrics binding all of us here. You’ll have access to all the information needed including the company’s progress every week directly from the Executive team.
  • You’ll have direct access to all employees in the company and can always challenge the status quo enabling you to be more data driven.
  • Whether you’re graduating and seeking a full-time position after your internship, or hoping to return for another internship next year, you’ll be considered for a returning offer during your internship.
  • You get to design your own internship page with your batch. Glance through the previous years’ pages  20142015201620172018 winter, 2018 summer2019 winter, 2019 summer2020 winterIndy 2020 winter, 2021 winter and 2021 summer.

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Steps to apply for Internship

  1. Solve 3 challenges
    Visit and solve all three challenges in that page. There is no time limit to solve these challenges. These challenges are not your standard DSA questions, but simple coding questions. All we want to check is whether you can translate from English to (C/C++/Python or Java….). This round is not intended to understand your dynamic programming or BFS/DFS skills. But we need to ensure you can code simple programming challenges before we consider you for the next round. Please make sure you mention your HackerRank profile (with which you solved the three questions) in your resume.
  2. Create a resume.
    Go to and create a resume there. ONLY the resumes created at HackerResume will be considered for the internship.
    Why do we ask for resume in this format? Your resume is actually reviewed by Hari, the CTO of HackerRank. He accepts of having “well designed resume bias”. Everyone (including Hari) likes a good resume. But in an ideal world, only your work/skill in the resume should matter. Design of the resume should not decide whether you are selected to the next round or not. To avoid this bias completely, we are trying to get all the resume in a single, simple & same format.
    Also, we’ve picked one of the best resume template out there to create a resume for you. We’ve also followed some of the best practices from the book so that you don’t have to do all the hard work. We hope even if things don’t end well with HackerRank internship, this resume is helpful to you.
  3. Upload your resume
    Come back to this page, scroll down and Apply to the job below only with your HackerResume.DON’T USE THE APPLY VIA LINKEDIN OPTION.

If you have any questions about the above mentioned steps, write into [email protected] and someone from our team will answer it.


  1. Is it only for 6 months? Yes, it is a 6 months full-time Internship.
  2. Is it a Paid/Unpaid internship? It is a paid Internship!
  3. Is it a remote/in-office internship? It is a remote full-time internship
  4. I am in my 2nd year of college. Can I apply or is it only for the final year students? Anyone with the skillset mentioned above can apply. Be it a first year student or already graduated. We are looking at someone with the right skillset and passion.

How to Apply for TCS Off Campus Drive 2021?

All interested and eligible candidates can apply for this test online by the following link

Apply Link- Click Here to Apply.

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