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TCS Launchpad | Initiative for 2024 batch – BE/BTech/ME/MTech/MCA/MSc.

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Are you looking for a great learning opportunity to prepare for your dream career? If so, don’t miss out on TCS Launchpad, a program designed specifically for 2024 batch freshers by TCS. It’s a dynamic learning platform that guarantees you a job offer tailored to your choice when you graduate from college. If you’re aiming for a successful career takeoff, TCS Launchpad is the perfect gateway to your professional success.

TCS Launchpad is a comprehensive learning package for 2024 batch freshers pursuing BE/BTech/ME/MTech/MCA/MSc. In addition to a wide range of preparatory classes, seminars, and sessions, the program offers you the opportunity to be part of an inspiring community of like-minded individuals who will challenge and motivate you to pursue your professional aspirations. All your questions about your future career prospects will be addressed in this program. Whether it’s excelling in the TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT) or gaining insights into life at TCS, you’ll find answers upon completion of this exclusive course for the 2024 batch.

TCS Launchpad

Why TCS Launchpad? 

  • People opt for TCS Launchpad because of its accuracy in curriculum formation and its focus on giving the right preparatory strategies to students.
  • It makes it easier to qualify TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT)
  • Students can have job assurance if the course is taken seriously
  • It provides a highly energetic learning environment
  • It does not just give the roadmap to clear examinations and pass interviews but also offers live exposure for how things will turn out in a professional corporate world

Features of TCS Launchpad:

TCS Launchpad incorporated exciting features to equip students to transition very well from a college atmosphere to a corporate environment. It includes all the technical skills one must learn and the soft skills to thrive in a new technological environment. Some exciting features of TCS Launchpad for the 2024 batch include webinars, Interview Preparation sessions, Networking with industry leaders, Hackathons & Ideathons, Tech News & TCS Bytes, Podcasts and Quizzes. It is known for its relevant curriculum & courses, live sessions from top-level professionals in the industry & user-friendly assessment models. The broad classification of the course is as follows:

1) Exclusive Live Webinars

  • Insights from Industry Leaders
  • Connect with Tech gurus of oCS

2) Podcasts & Blogs

  • Technology trends from experts
  • New normal & the TCS way of life

3) Contests & Challenges

  • Ideathons & Hackathons
  • Upskilling with domain knowledge

4) Cognitive Competency

  • Daily aptitude, brainteasers
  • Soft skills training for interview
TCS launchpad

How to join the TCS Launchpad? 

Registering yourselves in TCS Launchpad involves some simple steps as the following:

Step 1: Log into the TCS Nextstep portal – Click Here

Step 2: Register yourself by clicking on the ‘Register’ button

Step 3: Choose your category ( either IT or BPS) and fill in the details

Step 4: You’ll receive a unique identification number called aT/ DT Number

Step 5  Use this Link to get into TCS Launchpad

Step 6: Enter your CT/ DT Number

Step 7: You’ll find the catalogue option at the top of the homepage. Click it.

Step 8: Subscribe to LaunchpadFY24, and you are good to go!


TCS Launchpad is a one-stop guide for all your learning needs. Check out the multitude of offerings!

  • Expert Webinars
  • Interview Prep
  • Leader Connect
  • Hackathons & Ideathons
  • Tech News & TCS Bytes
  • Podcast
  • Quizzes

What can you learn in TCS Launchpad? 

  • The course focuses on inculcation problems – solving skills in students to prepare them for their next life stage.
  • Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be strong in the following areas – Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative aptitude.

Aspiring students of 2the 024 batch who want to prepare for campus placements can try TCS Launchpad. These are some salient features and steps involved in registering for the course. And also, fresh graduates can register with TCS Next Step to acquire entry-level jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

What is TCS Launchpad?

TCS Launchpad is a course for 2024 batch freshers mainly designed to clear TCS National Qualifier Test(NQT).

What are the benefits of TCS Launchpad?

The curriculum is designed in a way to incorporate Live Webinars from experts, Podcasts, Contests and a lot more to give a holistic learning experience.

How to register for TCS Launchpad?

Register in the Nextstep portal – Choose your category – Use the received CT/ DT Number to log in – Subscribe to the course.

What kind of contests will be there in TCS Launchpad?

They usually conduct contests such as Ideathons & Hackathons, and quizzes to aid in the upskilling of students’ domain knowledge.

Is this program applicable to India or Global TCS aspirants? 

At present, this program is only applicable for India aspirants.

What is the eligibility to register for TCS Launchpad ?

All fresher TCS aspirants can register for TCS Launchpad, an exclusive community to help students prepare for TCS NQT Fresher Hiring (details will be shared in due time).

How will TCS Launchpad assist my career growth and transition from Campus to Corporate?

TCS Launchpad offers an array of courses on various programming languages, SME Connects with market leaders, Technology Bootcamps, Webinars, Assessments and Interview Prep series’ to hone your skills and be industry ready. 

Do I need to create my profile under ‘BPS’ or ‘IT’ to access the TCS Launchpad Offerings?

You are requested to create your profile under ‘IT’